Sunday, January 27, 2008

Wholy CRAP!!!

Well it only took 2 years of bitching and moaning and I finally got my wish. Now as you read this if you are married you will totally understand my dilemma.

My family and I moved in to this... how should we put this nicely? Death Trap! A free Death Trap but one none the less. Don't get me wrong I love where we are, except the house. We are caretakers a Trap Club (shameless plug inserted here ~ check out our
website), anyways we take care of the property and club house in return for housing. Well the trailer is only 1 year younger then me. I won't state, but if you look hard enough you'll find the age. It's not been loved very well over the years and has it's little "quirks". So anyways, we have this huge addition and I claimed it as my own. (My husband has a small converted room that I call the Man Closet. It's tiny! We can barely both be in there at the same time) Hey as the wife and mom I think I deserve the space. I asked him to build me a work station when we first moved in. I have a lot of hobbies and they take space. I waited and waited and waited. Well I finally got it. 160 inches of glorious space. That I have already out grown.

How is it possible that I even had this much junk? Where the hell did I shove it all? If I wasn't totally embarrassed by the mess I'd take pictures to share but thinking about it gives me panic attacks!

I have it sectioned off into 3 zones; computer, sewing and scrapbooking. I found these great stainless steel bins at Target like 3 years ago and always wanted to use them for my scrapbooking stuff. They are 2 different sizes, box and drawer is the easiest way to describe them. I stacked and layered and spaced them on the wall and labelled them for ease of use. I have 4 small bookcases underneath the work surface but again all are full already. I put a shelf over the window to put bins of yarn because I had grossly neglected the fact that I needed to be able to store that somewhere.

I've been working on this space for 3 days now and I feel like I haven't made a damn bit of difference. I think I'm getting to the bottom of the pile and I turn around and there's more there. It's like Tribbles! You don't know how they breed but the next thing you know they're EVERYWHERE! Now I'm sitting here trying to blog and rambling like a stupid idiot from lack of sleep and WAY to much coffee.

Screw it I'm going to bed to read ~ ummm shower first I think. I might not be married if I crawl into bed with this funk. Good night cyber space... I shall be back later once I dig myself out of my craft junk hell!!!

Oh and to top it all off.... after my husband built the workspace he won't help with anything else. His duty is fulfilled I guess. Lucky me!

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Engineers said...

I love your Blog about your crafting space.... I'm starting to get a little carried away myself I just keep getting more fun craft ideas and before i know it my stuff is scattered all throughout the house.

You have inspired me to organize all my crafts tommarow on my day off!